Endoscope Wiring TPU Cable

Endoscope Wiring TPU Cable: UL21273, UL21274



Endoscope Wiring TPU Cable

Quick Information

  • Brand Name: WCH Cable
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Standard: UL, CUL, CSA
  • Conductor Material: Extremely pure Copper
  • Insulation Material: AWM
  • Jacket: Thermoplastic TPU
  • Shielding: Non-Shielded
  • Rated Voltage: 600V
  • Feature: Pure copper conductor

TPU Spiral Cable: UL21273, UL21274

Supreme flexibility of Thermoplastic TPU jacketed Cable, suitable for coiling process. Customer can customize the structure and dimension per individual requisition.

Structure Details:
1. Tinned, annealed, stranded or solid pure copper conductor.
2. Insulation material: PE, HDPE, PVC, SR-PVC, PP, TPE, TPEE (optional)
3. Rated temperature: 80°C.
4. Rated voltage: 600V (UL21274), 1000V (UL21273).
5. Uniform insulation wall thickness for easy stripping and cutting.
6. UL VW-1 and CSA FT-1/FT-2 vertical flame test verified.
7. Screen: tinned or bare copper spiral shielded or braided.
8. Bundle of cores is to be isolated by cotton paper, aluminum foil or mylar.
9. Jacket material: Extruded Polyurethane / TPU / PUR
10. Standard executed: UL758, UL1581, CSA22.2
11. 100% RoHS compliant.

Applicable style number: UL21273, UL21274

For internal wiring or external interconnection of electronic equipment.

Application example: Medical endoscope interconnection.