AVLV2 TPU Curly Cable Cord

AVLV2 TPU Curly Cable Cord Per Standard AWM UL758

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Quick Information

  • Brand Name: WCH Cable
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Model Number: UL758
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Insulation Material: PP, HDPE, SR-PVC
  • Jacket: Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU
  • Shielding: Customized
  • Rated Voltage: 30V – 1000V
  • Feature: Pure copper conductors

AVLV2 TPU Curly Cable Cord

Supreme flexibility of Polyurethane PUR jacketed Cable, suitable for coiling process. Customer can customize the structure and dimension per individual requisition.

For Internal wiring or external interconnection of electronic equipment.

Outstanding Feature:
Supreme flexibility of Coiling Curly Cable. Voltage Rage 30V – 1000V.

Available UL Approval Style Numbers:

UL2092 UL20055 UL20358 UL20820 UL21064 UL21307 UL21454 UL21535
UL2095 UL20057 UL20368 UL20841 UL21080 UL21308 UL21455 UL21556
UL2096 UL20080 UL20369 UL20842 UL21088 UL21309 UL21456 UL21557
UL2103 UL20083 UL20375 UL20843 UL21089 UL21310 UL21457 UL21562
UL2343 UL20084 UL20376 UL20844 UL21099 UL21311 UL21458 UL21563
UL2405 UL20095 UL20378 UL20850 UL21100 UL21313 UL21459 UL21564
UL2463 UL20137 UL20379 UL20851 UL21101 UL21314 UL21460 UL21565
UL2464 UL20139 UL20387 UL20854 UL21118 UL21315 UL21461 UL21572
UL2468 UL20152 UL20390 UL20855 UL21119 UL21316 UL21462 UL21573
UL2516 UL20197 UL20410 UL20862 UL21120 UL21317 UL21466 UL21576
UL2517 UL20200 UL20411 UL20863 UL21126 UL21318 UL21468 UL21632
UL2547 UL20233 UL20413 UL20866 UL21127 UL21319 UL21469 UL21633
UL2562 UL20234 UL20417 UL20868 UL21139 UL21320 UL21472 UL21686
UL2576 UL20235 UL20430 UL20886 UL21140 UL21322 UL21473 UL21687
UL2586 UL20236 UL20445 UL20895 UL21142 UL21323 UL21474 UL21697
UL2592 UL20251 UL20475 UL20904 UL21143 UL21324 UL21475 UL21705
UL2614 UL20254 UL20512 UL20911 UL21144 UL21325 UL21476 UL21707
UL2651 UL20255 UL20549 UL20936 UL21161 UL21326 UL21484 UL21714
UL2655 UL20256 UL20554 UL20937 UL21165 UL21327 UL21492 UL21715
UL2661 UL20276 UL20558 UL20938 UL21183 UL21328 UL21498 UL21758
UL2662 UL20279 UL20563 UL20939 UL21184 UL21329 UL21502 UL21765
UL2678 UL20280 UL20567 UL20940 UL21198 UL21330 UL21503 UL21766
UL2725 UL20281 UL20604 UL20948 UL21223 UL21371 UL21504 UL21767
UL2733 UL20285 UL20617 UL20950 UL21235 UL21381 UL21505 UL21768
UL2785 UL20292 UL20618 UL20951 UL21238 UL21387 UL21506 UL21769
UL2789 UL20293 UL20625 UL20952 UL21252 UL21388 UL21507 UL21770
UL2835 UL20308 UL20626 UL20955 UL21253 UL21399 UL21508 UL21781
UL2838 UL20317 UL20640 UL20963 UL21284 UL21394 UL21509 UL21782
UL2841 UL20318 UL20668 UL20968 UL21285 UL21408 UL21510 UL21819
UL2844 UL20320 UL20671 UL20978 UL21286 UL21409 UL21511 UL21915
UL2845 UL20327 UL20689 UL20979 UL21287 UL21411 UL21512 UL21923
UL2851 UL20328 UL20694 UL21002 UL21292 UL21412 UL21515 UL21924
UL2854 UL20329 UL20698 UL21007 UL21293 UL21414 UL21516 UL21928
UL2919 UL20330 UL20710 UL21016 UL21294 UL21415 UL21517 UL21929
UL2951 UL20346 UL20724 UL21029 UL21296 UL21445 UL21518 UL21947
UL2960 UL20350 UL20730 UL21030 UL21303 UL21449 UL21520 UL21959
UL2969 UL20351 UL20733 UL21031 UL21304 UL21451 UL21523 UL22030
UL2990 UL20352 UL20745 UL21032 UL21305 UL21452 UL21524 UL22031
UL20050 UL20353 UL20806 UL21060 UL21306 UL21453 UL21525 UL22181